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BeeTV is one of the best android app of our time for streaming movies, TV shows, etc.

There are a number of Apps available for this purpose on Android devices.

BeeTV is called the next Terrarium TV which is a major streaming service Application.

BeeTV APK has unlimited streaming available for every TV show and movie that has been released to date.

A very appealing feature is that the unlimited content on it can all be accessed for free.

It does not require the user to register before using it and is a very safe streaming app.

The content shared on the app keeps on updating according to an individual user’s preference and it also gets updated from other libraries used for streaming.

It also provides suggestions that are similar to the ones they used to prefer from their Android devices.

BeeTV streams all its content, TV shows, and movies in HD quality for its users.

Name BeeTV
Supported Platforms Android, iOS, PC, Firestick, Android TV
Last Updated March 2022
Latest Version 2021 v2.8.3
Category Entertainment
Installs 1.5 Million +
Rating 4.7 / 5
Price Free with Ads


What is BeeTV?

BeeTV is an android app that collects all its data from third-party Apps and gives the users the desired results.

It is the most used App after Terrarium TV and is preferred by users to watch movies and TV Shows in HD Quality on their Android devices.

This android Application requires Android versions 5.0 and above. This application does not acquire any content on its own.

All the content on this Application is free and only requires a working internet connection.

This is not available in the App Store originally due to its act of piracy.

The interface of BeeTV is very simple and seamless and is very easy to use.

The installation is done via an APK file downloaded from the browser.

Features of BEETV APK

Some of the important features of BeeTV on Android Devices are listed below:

  • BeeTV does not require you to root your device.
  • It supports Chromecast in casting videos on other screens.
  • Movies and TV shows are available in full HD quality.
  • It supports various media players with its built-in video player.
  • It has a wide variety of movies and shows from across the globe to choose from and for free.
  • An exciting feature of BeeTV is it allows you to download TV shows and movies on your device so that you can also watch them offline.
  • The content available is AD Free.
  • Subtitles are available in various languages to select from.
  • It does not give the server location of the torrent websites from which you are streaming the content.
  • The interface of this App is very seamless and easy to use.

Download BeeTV APP

for Android

  1. The first step is to open any browser on your Android device.
  2. On the browser search for APK files for BeeTV.

Or click HERE to download.

  1. Your browser will give out a series of websites that contains the APK download file for this Application, select the one you prefer.
  2. On selecting the website opens in your Android device, then press on the download button to start the download of the BeeTV APK file.
  3. Then this gets downloaded to your device and the speed depends on your internet connection. Wait till the process is completed.
  4. Once the APK file is downloaded on an Android device, it prompts you to check your settings to “allow installation of apps from unknown sources” once it is enabled the apk file which is a third-party app gets access to load in your Android device.
  5. Now in your device go to the All Folders Application and then navigate to the Downloads File in your internal storage. This will contain the APK file. To find the APK file we can also search the downloads bar in the browser.
  6. Click on the BeeTV APK This will start the installation of the file on your Android device.
  7. Then a set of instructions are shown on the screen, follow them to continue the Installation.
  8. The BeeTV APK file will then get installed on the Android device within few minutes.
  9. Upon completion of the installation, An icon of the BeeTV application appears in your Android Device app list.

for iOS

  1. To download on your iOS device you start by opening your Safari browser and search for the link with BeeTV Apk. Or

Click HERE to download

  1. It displays a page for downloading the BeeTV application in the TweakBox store. Click on the install button.
  2. Then wait for the installation process to be completed on your iOS device.
  3. Then after it gets installed go to Settings Once it is installed, and click on the “Profile & Device Management”.
  4. From the list select the profile for BeeTV.
  5. Then select the “Trust” option to enable it.
  6. You can now use the BeeTV Application on your iOS device.

This application is for free on iOS devices, happy streaming!

for FireStick & FireTV

The following is a step by step to help you to complete the Download and Installation process along with Screen Shots.

 Start by going to your preferred App store, Amazon App Store, or Google Play and install the Downloader App. Then in your Streaming device turn on permissions from Unknown sources.

  1. Click on the downloader and it launches.
  2.  Then it asks permission to Allow Downloader to access photos, media, and files on your device, select “Allow”.

 Then on the screen, you are prompted if you want to Quick Start Guide, Press OK. 

  1. Then on the left side, there is a menu panel. Navigate to the option Browser and click on it.
  2. Then in the search box type the URL “” and press on Go

The URL is the official website of BeeTV app.

  1. Then move down you will find a Download button with the text on it “Android Version”, Click on it.

NOTICE: Install the Downloader browser Plugin, in case of using Chromecast with GoogleTV or an Android TV device.

In the URL box type “” and search it.

  1. Then the download is done, wait till the process is finished. Do not stop it in middle.
  2. Then a window appears asking whether you will like to Install the Application, Click on Install.
  3. Then it states that the Application is installed. You have two options given here Done and Open, Click on “Done”.
  4. This will now take you back to the Downloader, Enquiring whether you will like to Install, Delete or are Done with the process, click on “Delete”.
  5. On your remote press, the Home Button then Select Apps.
  6. Now when you navigate down you will find three horizontal lines on the BeeTV App, this is the Setting menu, click on it and press on “Move”.
  7. Choose the place where you will prefer the BeeTV App and press on OK from your remote.
  8. Now you can launch the BeeTV App.
  9. Then the next step click on Allow.
  10. Now you can choose a media player of your choice, we will guide you to it in the later steps, Click on “Cancel”.
  11. Then you are prompted to select the language you prefer.
  1. Now the BeeTV Application is successfully installed on your Device, Enjoy browsing it for movies TV Shows, and more!


for PC

Download & Install BeeTV APK on PC using Nox App Player

BeeTV APK is a third Party App, which means that it does not have any original content and it streams it from other websites where the searched content is available. For PC, Windows, and Mac, to use the BeeTV App, you require an emulator like the Nox Player App which one of the best Android emulators. An emulator helps you to download the Android Apps to your Pc and works the same for both Windows and Mac. It is safe to use and easy to install.

Follow these steps to download BeeTV APK on PC for both Windows and Mac using Nox App Player.

  1. Start by opening your browser and open the Nox player App downloading website.

Or Click HERE to download.

  1. Then you will be guided to the page where you can download the Nox Player App. Here select the Download button.
  2. After the download process is completed, find the location where it is saved and open it.
  3. Now a window will appear for confirmation, select the Install button and wait till it gets completed.
  4. As the process is finished the Nox App Player will launch on your screen.
  5. Then click HERE for the BeeTV Application page to appear for downloading it.
  6. Next to download the BeeTV APK file, click on the Download button.
  7. Then you are required to find the APK file and Drag it into the window of  Nox App Player.
  8. Once it recognizes the file, The Nox App Player App will start the installation instantly.
  9. Then press on Install button and this will confirm the installation of the BeeTV App.


  1. Is BeeTV Free?

Answer) Yes, BeeTV is free to use and has no extra costs in it, and is also AD-Free which is found in very few streaming Apps these days.

  1. Is BeeTV Illegal?

Answer)  No, BeeTV is 100% legal and can be used without any concerns. But there might be some content on it that can be illegal. So to stay Safe only stream TV shows and movies in the Public Domain.

  1. Is BeeTV APK safe?

Answer)  Yes, BeeTV APK is completely Safe to download on PC and can be done with the help of emulators like Nox Player, No errors or bugs have been reported in this App.

Alternatives of BeeTV


Mobdro app continuously searches Youtube and allows Android users videos for free on their device. It has content for streaming in many different topics from many languages throughout the World. It is available for Android 4.2 and later versions. It has several categories like Music, Channels, TV Shows, Movies, and News. It can be a good Alternative to BeeTV


TeaTV is an app designed specifically for movies. It has diversified genres. Its search toolbar is very helpful with a rich choice of genres like  Action, Fiction, Comedy, Romance, Animation, etc. you can Also search by typing an actor’s name like Tom Cruise and pressing on the search bar next to it, or can also search country wise. The interface of TeaTV is very intuitive and simple to use.


VidMate is an Android App that works for Applications like Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok for downloading movies, music, videos from them. The browser on this App is very intuitive and allows seamless browsing on your Android OS versions.

It plays videos on 4K HD Quality on Netflix, Youtube, and Hotstar without any restrictions.